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If you’ve been cleared as a candidate for LASIK, you may be wondering what to expect. Your surgeon may recommend bladeless LASIK. Each type of LASIK has strict requirements for patients to qualify as candidates. This ensures the highest possible chance of a successful outcome.

This is the reason LASIK procedures have so few complications.  The lowest level of risk is with bladeless LASIK. As the premium LASIK procedure, bladeless LASIK is the most expensive LASIK option. Keep reading to learn why your LASIK surgeon may recommend bladeless LASIK!

You Don’t Qualify For Other LASIK Surgery Options

There are many reasons why your LASIK surgeon may recommend you get bladeless LASIK. Bladeless LASIK is the premium procedure for a reason.

Your LASIK surgeon will only recommend the best possible option for your eyes. This may mean you don’t qualify for other LASIK procedures. Bladeless LASIK can be a good option if you still want a vision correction procedure. This could be the case if you have severe refractive errors or your corneas are too thin.

Factors Your LASIK Surgeon Will Consider

If you are thinking about getting LASIK, the first step is your free LASIK consultation. One of our LASIK surgeons will examine your eyes to determine if you’re a LASIK candidate. During this consultation, your surgeon will determine what kind of LASIK is right for you. Your LASIK surgeon will be looking for these factors when checking your eyes:

  • Patients with epithelial defects that are pre-existing conditions
  • Patients with large pupils
  • Patients with poor contrast sensitivity in their vision
  • Patients with thin corneas

If you have thin corneas, this will be the main factor that determines which LASIK procedure is right for you. Before bladeless LASIK, patients with thin corneas could not get LASIK at all. You would have to get a procedure called PRK instead, which has a longer recovery time.

Bladeless LASIK Has Lower Risks

Patients who are not candidates for custom or traditional LASIK can still get LASIK. Bladeless LASIK has made it possible for more patients to undergo vision correction! In traditional LASIK, a small amount of corneal tissue gets removed.

If your corneas are too thin, having a small amount of corneal tissue removed can result in side effects. Bladeless LASIK instead uses two lasers, a femtosecond laser, and an excimer laser. By eliminating blades, your LASIK surgeon is more precise. This also means thinner corneas can be operated on safely.

Another factor to consider is the severity of your refractive errors. Because there are no blades, more severe refractive errors can get corrected. This was not the case when traditional LASIK or custom LASIK were the only options.

Bladeless LASIK has opened up the world of laser vision correction to more patients. The only way to know for sure if bladeless LASIK is right for you is to schedule a LASIK consultation.

Ready to find out once and for all if LASIK is right for you? Contact the team at Georgia Eye Associates and schedule your LASIK consultation!

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