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Yes, LASIK Is A Permanent Procedure, and Here’s Why

Do you want to be able to wake up and have clear vision without wearing contact lenses or glasses? A great way to do this is by having LASIK. It allows you to see clearly and say goodbye to glasses and contact lenses. One of the biggest questions people have about LASIK is if it… Read More

Does My Diet Affect Whether I’ll Get Cataracts?

Are you looking for ways to keep your eyes healthy? Are you worried about the possibility of developing cataracts? Like many eye conditions, cataracts are extremely common due to aging. By the age of 80, half of most people will have or had cataracts. While they are common, it is always important to think about… Read More

It’s World Glaucoma Week

World Glaucoma Week is a global initiative of the World Glaucoma Association (WGA) to raise awareness about glaucoma.  The 2021 theme ‘The World is Bright, Save your Sight!’ reflects the hope that with regular testing, people will continue to see the world around us: full of beauty, charm, and adventure.  To mark World Glaucoma Week, Georgia Eye… Read More

What To Do If Hand Sanitizer Gets In Your Eye

The introduction of strict hand hygiene has become an essential part of our daily habits. It has also created new challenges for our eyes with the rise of eye accidents from hand sanitizers coming in contact with the eye. It is no surprise that there are sanitizer dispensers at every corner. We see them at… Read More

Are Cataracts and Vision Loss Permanent?

Do you have cataracts? Are you experiencing vision loss or impairment? The good news is that it’s not permanent. Cataract surgery will correct your cataracts and restore your vision. Cataracts form on and cloud the lens of your eye. This drains your vision slowly over time. For some patients, this vision loss process is more… Read More

How Stress Effects Your Eyes

Stress is that one factor that has affected most of us in our busy lives, and health conditions from stress are common. However, did you know that stress can also affect your eyes? During those emotionally difficult times when life feels much too busy or demanding, your eyes can pay the price like the rest… Read More

3 Ways To Mentally Prepare Before Having LASIK

Are you ready to experience the visual freedom that only LASIK can give you? It’s a decision that you will not regret. Why not make a financial investment into your vision and your quality of life that continues to pay dividends for the rest of your life? The benefits of LASIK are truly life-changing. You… Read More

How to Combat Winter Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are prevalent during the winter season because of the cold, harsh winter winds, dry outdoor air, and dry indoor heat. These sudden changes in the atmosphere produce the onset of moisture evaporation inside your eyes. Thus, our tear glands do not produce fluid quick enough to maintain the liquid coating that our eyes… Read More

How To Prepare Before You Have LASIK

Thinking about having LASIK? Scheduled your appointment for the procedure? If so, you’ll soon have the crystal clear vision you’ve only dreamed about! Of course, the best part is you’ll no longer need glasses or contact lenses. Many LASIK patients find that they no longer even need reading glasses. That’s definitely worth it if you… Read More

New Year, New Healthy Habits

It is a New Year, and a new chance to grow wiser. Just as your body ages, so too will your eyesight begin to change as you grow older. Some changes are driven by heredity, and others are exacerbated by the elements of our environment. Without healthy eyes, your quality of life would likely change… Read More

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