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Lady enjoying the advantages of LASIK

Tired of glasses and contacts and considering LASIK? LASIK is a laser vision correction surgery. It is a popular elective surgery sought out by over 600,000 patients every year! Wondering why LASIK is so popular? Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of LASIK!

LASIK Basics

  • LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis
  • Don’t worry. We prefer to say “LASIK”, too.
  • LASIK is a popular laser vision correction surgery
  • LASIK takes about 15 minutes per eye, regardless of what kind of LASIK procedure you get.
  • Vision gets corrected by reshaping the cornea. This allows the eye to better refract light on the retina, creating a clear image.  
  • Many LASIK patients enjoy 202/20 vision or better after their vision has settled
  • LASIK can correct refractive errors
  • A refractive error is a vision problem like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.
  • LASIK is not for everyone. Before getting the procedure, every patient must have a LASIK consultation.

Advantages Of Conventional LASIK

If you’re considering LASIK, it’s likely that you’ve come across a few LASIK terms. One of the most common ones you’ll hear is conventional LASIK.  

Conventional LASIK is defined by how the corneal flap gets created. A LASIK surgeon creates the corneal flap using a tool called a microkeratome. The cornea is then reshaped using laser energy.  When you get conventional LASIK, you get the same correction as glasses or contacts. With this form of LASIK, a patient’s eyes are only corrected to the same level as their prescription.

Benefits Of Conventional LASIK:

  • Can assist qualified patients achieving 20/20 vision
  • Conventional LASIK is a safe and effective procedure
  • Conventional LASIK is not only painless but also has a very short recovery period
  • A good option for patients with “lower order aberrations (myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia)

Advantages Of Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK uses advanced Wavefront technology for custom surgery for each patient. Thanks to wavefront technology, a unique map of the eye is rendered. From this map, the patient gets a customized procedure for their exact prescription. Like your fingerprint, no eye prescription is exactly the same.

Custom LASIK advantages include:

  • 100 percent customized to each patient’s unique and specific needs
  • Can correct both lower and higher order refractive errors
  • Many patients achieve 20/20 vision or better
  • Lowered risk of halos after surgery

Advantages Of Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK can be applied to either conventional or custom LASIK. Advantages include:

  • Better corneal flap quality
  • Lowest risk of complications
  • Lesser risk of developing dry eye
  • If dry eye develops, severity is often reduced with bladeless LASIK

Like every patient is not going to be a LASIK candidate, the same applies to each procedure. Bladeless LASIK is often a good option for patients who may not initially qualify. Until Bladeless LASIK was introduced, PRK was one of the only options. Now laser vision correction procedures are available to more patients!

Want to learn more about LASIK? Schedule your free consultation with the experts at Georgia Eye Associates today! Aren’t you ready for your visual freedom from the hassles of glasses and contacts?

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