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Cataract Surgery Buckhead

Cataract surgery, like any surgery, may seem a little daunting. But cataract surgery is a common procedure that’s very safe and effective.

Because of how common the procedure is, there are many surgeons who perform it and most have a lot of experience.

It’s important to know as much as you can before you have any surgery, and cataract surgery is no different.

Here are the questions you should ask your surgeon before cataract surgery.

What Should I Do To Prepare?

There are several things your surgeon will want to know before surgery.  One of these things is what medications you currently take.

By knowing what medications you take, you will be safest during cataract surgery!

It may involve not taking your medications or taking them at different times. Different surgeons also have different rules about eating or drinking before surgery.

Before the surgery, be sure to find out so you know what to expect.  Asking all your questions before cataract surgery will help you prepare!

What Happens During Surgery?

It’s always good to know what’s going on when you go under the knife, especially when you’ll be awake for the procedure. Cataract surgery is a simple procedure that takes about thirty minutes to complete.

This number can change depending on the method your doctor uses. Ask them to walk you through exactly what will happen on the day of the surgery. This will help you prepare mentally for what happens while they’re operating.

What Kind of IOL Should I Get?

During cataract surgery, your cataracts will be removed along with your natural lens. This means you will need a new lens. This is an intraocular lens or IOL, and they come in several varieties.

Some are “premium” and may cost a little out of pocket because they are not covered by insurance. Some can even correct astigmatism.

Ask your doctor what they recommend for you and discuss what you want out of your IOL. This will help both of you decide what IOL to use.

What Are My Risk Factors?

All surgeries have a degree of risk, including cataract surgery. There are minimal risks involved, but there are factors that could increase them.

If you are very nearsighted, for instance, you may be at higher risk for retinal detachment. Have an honest conversation with your surgeon about possible risks to be safe!

How Long Should I Limit Activity After Surgery?

After surgery, you will need to be stick to light activity for a few weeks while your eyes heal. It is important to allow this time as any injury to the eye while you’re recovering can be detrimental.

How long you need to limit your activity depends on how well your eye heals. Your doctor may give you an initial estimate, but this could change.

Make sure to follow up after surgery with your surgeon. You need to be clear on how long recovery will take.

Think you may have cataracts, or need cataract surgery? Contact Georgia Eye Associates and schedule an appointment at one of our locations.

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