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Life without eyeglasses and contacts means being free from fingerprints on your glasses. It also means never repairing those glasses again, or dealing with ripped contacts! Think of all the time you can spend doing other things instead of worrying about your glasses!

Can you imagine? This is life after having LASIK! LASIK is a life-changing experience in so many ways.

If you’ve had LASIK before but you’re pregnant, you’ve probably got some questions. Do you need to get LASIK again if your vision changes?

Are you doomed to a life of glasses and annoying contacts again? Keep reading to learn more!

Pregnancy Hormones & Vision Changes

Prescription eyeglasses and contacts provide temporary, or situational – vision correction. You can see with your glasses on or your contacts in. The minute you remove whichever you are using, it’s right back to blurry faces and eye strain.

LASIK gives you almost permanent vision correction. For some patients, they may need enhancements if their vision changes after LASIK. So what are the reasons for vision changes after having had LASIK surgery?

Pregnancy Hormones Change Your Vision

While being pregnant, you may notice your vision changing. Hormones change everything, including your vision when you’re expecting.

If you’ve had LASIK before, you may notice that your vision is fluctuating while pregnant. This is totally normal, so feel free to blame the hormones! For most women, the vision changes during pregnancy or breastfeeding are just temporary.

It could take several months before your vision stabilizes after giving birth. Although uncommon, your vision could stay the same as well.

LASIK Touch Ups

If your vision hasn’t stabilized after several months, it’s time to call your LASIK surgeon. happens, then it’s time to call your LASIK surgeon.

Most practices will provide touch-ups when necessary, even after you’ve had LASIK!

Make sure you check with the practice that performed your procedure to be sure. Schedule a follow-up appointment with Georgia Eye Associates for vision correction!

Are You Planning To Have More Kids?

It’s important to discuss whether you’re planning to have more kids before your follow up. If you are planning to become pregnant again, your vision is going to continue changing.

This is even more likely if your vision has already changed with your first pregnancy. It’s not worth the trauma to your eyes to keep having them adjusted after pregnancy.

In fact, most LASIK surgeons have a limit to the number of touch ups they will perform on a patient. This is due to potential harm and complications to your eyes after the procedure.

Can I Get LASIK For The First Time After Being Pregnant?

Even if you’ve never had LASIK, you still need to wait a certain amount of time before getting it if you’re pregnant. You cannot get LASIK while you are pregnant.

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, it’s recommended you wait several months before LASIK.
This gives your eyes enough time to stabilize.

It also ensures chemicals from prescription eye drops don’t get in your bloodstream. These chemicals are not safe for a newborn baby to be exposed to. Wait a few extra months and reward yourself with clear vision!

Have questions about LASIK and pregnancy? Contact Georgia Eye Associates, we serve Buckhead, Atlanta, and the greater Braselton areas. Call for your LASIK consultation today!

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