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What types of people benefit the most from LASIK, you ask? Well, laser vision correction benefits people who wear glasses or contacts, of course.

But besides anyone who wears glasses or contacts, there are people who LASIK affects more. Keep reading to find out who benefits the most from undergoing LASIK!

Are You An Athlete?

This one is the most obvious. Of course athletes benefit when they undergo LASIK! No matter what kind of athlete you may be, a life without glasses or contacts is a plus.

Sure, prescription sports goggles are A Thing, but they are also expensive. Wearing them is frustrating because prescription changes mean your goggles need replacing too.

Contact lenses are also an option, but they aren’t logical when you’re being active. Contact lenses can dry out your eyes or just fall out of your eyes! It’s almost impossible to get in the zone when your contacts are irritating you.

If your contact happens to fall out, we hope you have a back up pair with you! And spare contact lens solution on you as well.

As if you don’t have enough gear to lug around as it is, now you have to worry about contact solution too.

If you’re not a contact lens wearer, glasses are even worse as an athlete! At best, they slide down your nose about 50 times an hour.

At worst, they could fall off your face and get broken. They are expensive to replace and not convenient when you’re exercising. Pass!

Are You An Avid Gardener?

If you’re not an athlete but spend a lot of time outside, gardeners are another group that need LASIK most.

Think about it. Glasses and digging in the dirt don’t really go together, do they? You’re getting covered in dirt from head to toe.

If you happen to adjust your glasses while you’ve been in the dirt, you’ll end up with dirty lenses. Glasses are fragile!

Even if they only get dirty, you end up with annoying streaks on your glasses. Nobody likes glasses covered in dirt!

Got a magazine-worthy flower garden that is the talk of your neighborhood? Do you put in hours in your garden, working hard so you can enjoy the fruits ( or vegetables) of your labor year round?

Either way, prescription eyeglasses always get in the way! They tend to slip down your nose constantly, or they could just fall off your face.

Not only are they dirty, but if you’ve been watering your garden, they get muddy! Mud and glasses, yuck.

And contact lenses? They might sound like the better idea, but what happens if you rub your eyes while holding dirt?

At the very least, you could end up with a damaged contact lens, not to mention how uncomfortable that would feel.

Are You An Artist?

Whatever your medium of choice in art happens to be, you can count on your hands being covered in paint or other things. Besides your hands, you might end up with glue or clay or glitter in your hair, on your clothes, on your glasses? Yikes!

You need to see clearly to create your art, and not damage your glasses or contacts. It’s awfully difficult to fix a stray contact lens when you have paint all over your hands.

Want the answer? It’s LASIK! Schedule a LASIK consultation at Georgia Eye Associates in Lawrenceville, GA today!

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