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You may not believe it, but there’s a lot of bad information out there about cataract surgery. Do you have cataracts?

It can be easy to get caught up in your fears and anxiety before undergoing cataract surgery. But you don’t need to worry!

Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures you can undergo! Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn more!

Deciding To Have Surgery

Expectation: As soon as you’re diagnosed with cataracts, you need surgery immediately. Many people go blind when they have their cataracts removed.

Reality: False and false. First of all, cataracts don’t need removal until they are impacting your vision.

In fact, it can take a cataract years or even decades to finish developing! That means that a cataract could develop in your forties without you knowing.

When you have a cataract, tasks like sewing, reading a book, and texting on your phone become difficult. When you get to this point, most cataract surgeons recommend considering surgery.

Cataract surgery is a safe and low risk procedure! You’re not going to go blind from getting cataract surgery. What people may not realize is if you don’t treat cataracts, they could result in blindness.

Choosing an IOL

Expectation: You’ll have to wear thick glasses to see at all after cataract surgery. All IOLs are expensive and won’t result in clear vision.

Reality: This may have been closer to the truth in the past, but not anymore. Cataract surgery used to mean removing the natural lens. That was it.

There was nothing that would replace the lens, meaning you needed to wear thick glasses to see. Cataract surgery has evolved and improved since then.

Now, when the lens gets removed, it’s replaced with an artificial lens. This is an IOL that takes over the job that the lens once performed. IOLs come in several varieties, and premium IOLs do cost a little extra.

But there is a standard monofocal lens that can allow you to see just fine, and you may only need reading glasses. A monofocal lens is actually the only IOL covered by insurance!

If you can afford it, premium IOLs allow you to see without glasses. Discuss with your doctor about what kind of IOL is right for you and your budget. After cataract surgery, you’ll have clear vision once more.

Having Cataract Surgery

Expectation: The surgery will be long and painful because you won’t receive an anesthetic. Recovery will take a long time and it’s easy to end up with a bad infection.

Reality: Cataract surgery is quick and painless. Although you aren’t put under, you will receive a mild sedative. Your eyes are also numbed with eye drops, so you don’t feel any pain during it.

The recovery process after cataract surgery really isn’t so bad either. You need to spend the first few days being careful to avoid strenuous activities.

The risk of infection is low as well, since you’ll be on an eye drop regimen. As long as you take your drops as you should, your recovery will be over before you know it!

Think it’s time for surgery? Contact Georgia Eye Associates in Atlanta, GA to schedule a cataract screening now!

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