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After LASIK, you will need to give yourself plenty of time to heal. After all, LASIK is a surgery that requires time to recover from.

While recovery from LASIK may take up to three to six months to complete, you should be back to normal before that. It is crucial that you take extra precautions during the first few weeks of your LASIK recovery.

Keep reading for some ways to help ensure that your LASIK results are the best possible!

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

During LASIK, your cornea has an opening cut into it, while still leaving some of the tissue attached. This is called a corneal flap, and it is a very important part of the LASIK procedure.

However, this flap is also the source of most complications. It is vital to keep it intact while it reconnects to the rest of the tissue.

Your eyes will likely be itchy after surgery, or even for a few weeks. Rubbing your eyes is the worst possible thing you can do! It will only lead to pain and it can dislodge the delicate flap.

Use Eye Drops

To cope with the itchiness that LASIK causes, you should use eye drops. Even if your eyes are not itchy, use them preemptively. The barrier they create on the surface of your eyes will help shield them from infection.

Be careful not to overdo it though. There is a proper technique when it comes to using artificial tears. Using them the wrong way can cause bacteria and germs to flood back in from your skin and eyelashes.

Before using artificial tears, always wash your hands first. Then pull your lower lid down with your hand that isn’t putting in drops.

Use your dominant hand to apply one drop at a time into the pocket created. At no point should the tip of the applicator come into contact with anything but the air and the cap.

Wear Eye Shields

After leaving your LASIK surgeon’s office, you will need to rest. Sleeping as soon as you get home is a good idea, but you can’t roll onto your eyes or rub them while asleep.

This is where the special eye shields you’re given come in handy. They aren’t pretty but they keep your eyes safe from scratches or getting bumped while sleeping. Be sure they are on securely before napping or going to sleep for the night.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

A sharp change in eye pressure is enough to cause damage to the corneal flap. This means you will have to skip out on the gym and sports for a few weeks.

Even bending over at the waist or lifting something increases eye pressure. It doesn’t take much to raise your eye pressure and tear the flap. Stick to reading and watching television for a few days.

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