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Has your doctor ever told you that you are at increased risk for glaucoma? Though those can be scary words to hear, the good news is that it does not mean you have glaucoma.

It likely means you have internal eye pressure that is higher than normal. It also means you should be careful and that there are certain precautionary steps you should take.

Early detection and treatment are the best ways to prevent permanent vision loss. Here are four tests you should take if you are at risk for glaucoma:

1. Tonometry

A tonometry is a procedure an ophthalmologist will perform to determine intraocular eye pressure. It is a helpful way to determine your level of risk for developing glaucoma. Your doctor will numb your eyes and then measure the pressure inside your eyes with a tonometer.

2. Gonioscopy

A gonioscopy is an exam where your doctor will examine the front part of your eye, between the cornea and the iris. It is a way to observe whether the drainage angle is open or closed.

Eye drops will be used to numb your eyes during this exam as well. A contact lens that contains a mirror will be placed on your cornea, which will allow your doctor to see the area between the iris and the cornea.

3. Ophthalmoscopy

This test allows your doctor to examine the structures within your eye. This is performed during yearly comprehensive eye examinations. Your doctor will give you eye drops to dilate your pupils so that they can examine the optic nerve.

4. Perimetry

A perimetry measures your visual field function. It will help your doctor see if your vision has been affected by glaucoma. During the test, you stare straight ahead and tell your doctor every time you see a light in your peripheral vision.

If you are at high risk for glaucoma, you should have these tests every one to two years. And, of course, even if you aren’t high risk, you still need to visit your eye doctor for your annual vision screenings.

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