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We have written a lot about the benefits of LASIK and what patients can expect during the procedure. But what about after the surgery? What can you expect after the surgery is over and you go home to recover on your own? 

Let’s look at five things you can expect after LASIK surgery:

1. General discomfort and sensitivity

Almost everyone who has LASIK experiences some discomfort and heightened sensitivity after the procedure. It is not unusual to feel a mild burning or itching sensation in your eyes. Many patients experience symptoms of dry eyes as well.

Be careful not to rub your eyes and make sure you stay away from anything that could further irritate them. The discomfort should begin to go away in the days following surgery, so be sure to contact your doctor if it persists.

2. Prescription eye drops

After LASIK, your doctor will prescribe prescription eye drops for you to take. These eye drops will prevent infection and in addition to helping relieve any dryness you may be experiencing. Be sure to use these eye drops only as directed by your ophthalmologist.

3. Eye shields

Immediately after surgery, your doctor will place eye shields over your eyes to protect them. These eye shields may make you slightly resemble a bug, but they are crucial in helping protect your eyes in the days immediately following surgery. Be sure to wear these eye shields at night as well to protect your eyes while you sleep.

4. Plenty of rest time

Many people begin feeling better almost immediately after LASIK. However, you should still give yourself plenty of time to rest.

Visual fluctuations are normal in the weeks and months following LASIK so it’s important to give your eyes time to heal. Avoid wearing makeup, driving, swimming, strenuous exercise or doing anything else that could put a strain on your eyes in the first week or so after surgery.

5. A follow-up appointment with your doctor

Last but not least, you will want to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor. Your doctor will evaluate how your eyes are healing and answer any outstanding questions you may have. 

Do you still have more questions about LASIK surgery? Schedule your LASIK consultation with one of our doctors today!

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