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Close up of a right blue eye.

As technology advances, LASIK eye surgery is becoming increasingly more common and accessible for people who are interested in having clear vision without the use of corrective lenses. If you have yet to hear about LASIK eye surgery, it is a permanent solution to correcting your vision. Using lasers, the shape of your eye is changed so that it corrects the way light enters your eye in the same way that glasses and contacts do. If you need some help deciding if you should get LASIK here are 5 Reasons Why Having LASIK Surgery Is The Right Decision For You:

  1. You can actually wake up to clear vision in the morning, instead of fumbling around trying to find your glasses or get your contact lenses in. For many, this reason alone is enough to convince them to go through with the quick procedure.
  2. For all the fashion conscious people out there you will no longer need to worry about which outfit matches your eye wear! You are free to wear whatever you please!
  3. Hassle free travel! Well sure, you still have to deal with security scans and all of that, but you no longer have to worry about bringing along a backup pair of glasses or contact lenses in case something was to happen to your current set.
  4. You have better vision than ever before. In many cases, people who undergo LASIK come out of it with better vision than they have ever had with corrective lenses! This is due to your eye doctor being able to make tiny adjustments to your eye that are just not possible with a prescription lens.
  5. A nice self-esteem boost! Yes, you will no longer have to worry about what people might think about you because you wear glasses. A common phrase that gets thrown around a lot is “four eyes” and nobody enjoys being called that.

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