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False! A new study found that contact lenses are an excellent option for children 8 to 11 years old, and that they are very successful at adapting to them. The caveat: 1. Do they really want to wear them? and 2. Do they understand what to expect in their wear and care? Parents and eye care providers can judge a child’s readiness by looking at things such as their motivation towards good hygiene or brushing their teeth independently.

Kids, Sports & Contacts: As children become active in sports at younger ages, contact lenses lessen the risks associated with wearing glasses. Broken or lost spectacles lead the concerns raised by parents and optical professionals. Eyewear that features advanced lens materials such as trivex and polycarbonate are far less likely to shatter or break reducing many risks. But, contacts combined with sport-specific goggles or prescription goggles alone can provide optimal eye protection and the best corrected vision to enhance sports success.

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Learning to Care for Contacts: The Contact Lenses in Pediatrics (CLIP) study found that on average children took 110 minutes to learn how to insert, remove and care for contacts. At Georgia Eye Associates, technicians that are particularly adept at dealing with children train the youngest lens wearers. Professional fitting fees range from $75 to $175 for people who have never worn contacts, and this will depend on the patient’s individual needs. The fees include insertion and removal instructions, lens care and an appointment with the doctor. Lens technician Beth Wade commented, “In my 15 years of teaching kids, I have seen that most of them successfully learn how to wear contacts.” Optometrist, Dr. Brian Kahn, said “We are committed to seeing children through the lens fitting process. We train them on how to properly insert and remove their lenses. We review with them the importance of lens hygiene, clean fingernails and following scheduled lens removal. Having an eye professional explain things to them carries greater weight than if the parents try to do it. In the beginning we suggest that parents wake their kids 30 minutes earlier to give them time to insert their lenses without feeling rushed.”

But Will They Hurt? Children also have concerns with regard to contact lens wear. They may believe that they hurt or that the lens can get stuck behind their eye.This video link will help them alleviate false fears. Contact Lens Training Video for Kids

Who Can Wear Them? With advances in lens design and prescription capabilities, such as daily disposable lenses and toric lenses, nearly everyone needing corrected vision can wear contact lenses. An added benefit, the CLIP study found that a child’s self-perception was likely to improve related to physical appearance and athletic competence.

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