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Cataracts — and the diminished vision that they cause — are an inevitable part of aging. Thanks to a safe and quick surgical procedure, it’s now easier than ever to remove cataracts and restore good eyesight. But did you know that cataract removal offers other benefits as well?

Decreased Risk of Falls

Visual impairment of any kind increases your risk of falling. Particularly among older people, falls can lead to disability, enforced inactivity, physical and emotional decline, and early death. Studies have shown that cataract surgery significantly reduces your chances of falling. In fact, cataract surgery cuts your chances of hip-fracture by up to 23 percent!

Longer Life

We’ve recently learned that poor vision has a greater impact on people’s lives than previously thought. Research shows its effects to be as damaging as those of major medical conditions such as stroke. Cataract surgery doesn’t just reduce the risk of falls, it also has a positive influence on overall health. A study published in 2013 showed that the procedure brings with it an amazing 40 percent reduction in mortality risk.

People with cataracts often start to cut down their physical activity. Even if they’re unaware of it, they may gradually become less active over time in an effort to manage their anxiety around vision loss. People with cataracts become sedentary, which may lead to a host of health problems including deconditioning, mobility problems, bone loss, and more. Chronic conditions like arthritis and diabetes are likely to be exacerbated by an overly sedentary lifestyle. Cataract surgery reverses all that! With their confidence and eyesight restored, older people are able to take part in the activities they need in order to stay healthy longer.

Improved Mood

Not surprisingly, impaired eyesight has been linked to chronic depression and anxiety. For many people, the world starts to seem narrower and more frightening as cataracts develop. You may not feel like doing things that you once enjoyed, even if you’re still physically able. Stress and lack of confidence may cause you to stop driving or give up your favorite physical activities. You may become less independent and more socially withdrawn.

The psychological benefits of cataract removal can be tremendous. In 2006, the Sunderland Cataract Study showed that the surgery causes significant improvement in cognitive, emotional, and general well being. Patients with restored vision stop limiting themselves and return to full, active lives. Cataract surgery is a quick procedure with instant results. It’s one of the most frequently performed surgeries in the United States, and one of the safest. The benefits to mind and body are far-reaching. All together, they add up to a longer, happier, healthier, and more empowered life.

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