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Pre-Lasik Examination

The Eye Examination

LASIKPlease allow two hours for a complete eye examination. This provides ample time for dilation of your pupils and any other tests that the physicians deem necessary. Please bring in all eyeglasses and contact lenses that you currently wear. Please bring a list of all your medications (oral medications as well as any prescription eye drops) to the visit. It is important that we be aware of all your medications.

Georgia Eye Associates is committed to individualized and personalized care. The examination is usually performed in several stages. A trained ophthalmic technician will perform preliminary testing followed by a complete examination by your doctor. If necessary, further specialized testing may be done. Once the testing is completed, the doctor will discuss the findings and recommendations with you (and your family, if you desire).

If the purpose of your visit is for Laser Vision Correction, make sure you leave your soft contacts out for three days prior to your visit. If you wear hard contacts, please leave them out for four weeks prior to your visit. This gives your cornea time to adjust and provides for more accurate measurements during your visit.

Georgia Eye Associates is proud to welcome Dr. Benjamin Strauss to our practice. He will be joining us in early September at our new Braselton office.           Please remember to bring a picture ID, your insurance card, and a list of your current medications, including strength and dosages, to every visit.           
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