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Eyelashes can become thin for many reasons. Until recently, all that could be done was to cover the existing lashes with bulky mascara or to glue false lashes to achieve aesthetic results.

Eye doctors treating glaucoma have folatisser over a decade known of the eyelash-growing properties of certain glaucoma medicines. With that knowledge, the makers of Lumigan eye drops for glaucoma redesigned this medicine to create Latisse, the first FDA-approved treatment for eyelash growth. Latisse is a safe, proven, and effective way to actually regrow new lashes. Available only by prescription, Latisse can offer what up until recently was temporarily achieved by cosmetics.

Latisse is administered by brushing the upper eyelashes with a small applicator soaked in solution once daily. Results vary with each patient, but most see results in 6-8 weeks. Side effects are minimal - a small percentage of patients note temporary darkening of skin around the lash line that disappears with more precise application.

Since the doctors of Georgia Eye Associates have been using the Latisse counterpart for years to treat glaucoma, they are easily the most qualified to treat patients with eyelash growth problems. Since Georgia Eye Associates is a qualified provider, there is also no need to have to go to the pharmacy to buy Latisse. Patients are able to conveniently have it dispensed to them right in the office!

Check out the following video to learn more, and call today to find out if Latisse is right for you!

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