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Bladeless LASIK (Ziemer)

Blade-free LASIK has become the gold standard for the surgeons of Georgia Eye Associates. It is the latest and most accurate treatment in LASIK technology. Blade-free LASIK uses a second laser called the femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap, instead of using a microkeratome blade. The femtosecond laser (Zeimer Ophthalmic Systems, Switzerland) has several advantages over standard LASIK. It produces a more accurate-sized flap, which is critical for optimal results. Also, a corneal flap made by a laser can be retreated during the same procedure if the surgeon wishes; surgeons using a microkeratome would have to wait several months before retreating. Finally, patients find blade-free LASIK to be somewhat more comfortable than standard or wavefront LASIK. Watch the brief video below to learn more.

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